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About ISOLDE ...

ISOLDE is the triennial symposium devoted to the inter/multi-disciplinary subject of Location Analysis. Researchers belonging to fields as Mathematics, Operations Research, Management Science, Economics, Engineering among others, present their more recent advances in modeling, theory and applications at the ISOLDE meetings.

Until now the ISOLDE meetings have been alternatively organized in North America and Europe. The first ISOLDE was held in Banff (Alberta, Canada), ISOLDE II in Skodsborg (Denmark), ISOLDE III in Boston and Martha's Vineyard (USA), ISOLDE IV in Namur and Faux-les-Tombs (Belgium), ISOLDE V in Fullerton and Lake Arrowhead (USA), ISOLDE VI in Lesvos and Chios (Greece), ISOLDE VII in Edmonton and Jasper (Alberta, Canada), ISOLDE VIII in Coimbra and Estoril (Portugal), ISOLDE IX in Fredericton and Saint Andrew (New Brunswick, Canada) and ISOLDE X in Seville and Islantia (Spain).