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ISOLDE XI Conference Schedule


Thursday, June 26th

9:00 - 9:15am









Key note presentation by Zvi Drezner, 2005 recipient of the SOLA location award





Coffee Break




Competitive Location Models(4)

Chair: Dan Serra



Sensitivity in Competitive Location Models

H.A. Eiselt & Vladimir Marianov



Improving Commercial Territory Design for a Distribution Firm with Constructive and Destructive Heuristics

Jaime Cano-Belmán, Roger Z. Rí­os-Mercado



Emergent Location Patterns in Competitive  Retail Markets

Lieselot Vanhaverbeke & Frank Plastria



Incorporating inventory decisions in competitive location models

Francisco Silva





1:30 - 3:10pm (1)


Location and transportation (4)

Chair: John Current



Organizing hospital services into networks:  A Hierarchical and multiproduct location model with application to the Portuguese health care system

Ana Mestre, Mónica Oliveira, & Ana Barbosa-Póvoa




Transportation Design: Location and Planning

Ángel Marín, Juan A. Mesa, & Federico Perea



Locating Lottery Retail Stores in Barcelona:  A Consumer Oriented Approach

Daniel Serra & Vladimir Marianov



Fuzzy approach to optimal manipulation with empty containers within a (Mediterranean) feeder system

Danijela Tuljak-Suban &  Marija Bogataj

1:30 - 3:10pm (2)


Planar Models (4)

Chair: Zvi Drezner



Integer planar location problems

Anita Schöbel



The Big Cube Small Cube Method for Location Problems with Multi Parameters

Daniel Scholz & Anita Schöbel



More (d.c.) bounds for planar location models

Rafael Blanquero & Emilio Carrizosa



A dual algorithm for the weighted Euclidean distance  min-max location in IRn

P.M. Dearing

3:10-3:30 pm


Coffee Break


3:30 - 5:10pm (1)


Location models and applications (4)

 Chair Pitu Mirchandani



The impact of site location in C-Stores Sales under  the New Paradigm  of the Portuguese Fuel Retail Market

Raul M. S. Laureano



Capacitated Facility Location for Disbursement of Supplies in a Large-Scale Emergency

Pavankumar Murali, Maged M. Dessouky, & Fernando Ordóñez



The Army Reserve Stationing Study

LTC Robert D. Bradford, III & Tucker D. Hughes



Solving an actual optimization routing problem  for an agricultural cooperative

V. Blanco,  Y. Hinojosa, &  J. Puerto

3:30 - 5:10pm (2)


New solution techniques (4)

Chair: Richard Middleton



GRASP Heuristics for the Capacitated Multi-source Weber Problem

Martino Luis, Said Salhi, & Gábor Nagy



Bio-inspired approaches for large scale hub location problems

Enrique Dominguez & José Muñoz



Parallel Variable Neighborhood Search for the Capacited p-Median Problem

Dionisio Pérez-Brito, Feliz García López, & Carlos G. Garcí­a González



Duality for multiobjective location problems

Gert Wanka



 Friday, June 27th

8:30 - 10:10am


Defense & Robust Design (4)

Chair: M.P. Scaparra



Hardening facilities against random  numbers of losses

Federico Liberatore,  M. Paola Scaparra, & Mark Daskin



Designing Robust Coverage Networks to Hedge against Worse-Case Facility Losses

Jesse R. O'Hanley & Richard L. Church



Risk Management in Uncapacitated Facility Location Models with Random Demands

Michael R. Wagner, H. Steve Peng, & Joy Bhadury



Facility Reliability Models: Preparing random and non-random failures

Michael Lim, Mark Daskin, Achal Bassamboo, & Sunil Chopra

10:10 - 10:30am


Coffee break


10:30 - 12:10pm


Competitive Location Models (4)

Chair: H.A. Eiselt



Profit-maximizing service system design with elastic demand and congestion

Robert Aboolian, Oded Berman, & Dmitry Krass



Commercial Territory Design with Joint Assignment Constraints: A Heuristic Approach

Saúl I. Caballero-Hernández, Roger Z. Ríos-Mercado, Satu Elisa Schaeffer, & Fabián López



Cannibalization in a Competitive Franchise Environment

Tammy Drezner



A Continuous Time Dynamic Model of Competitive Facility Location

Terry L. Friesz, Changhyun Kwon, & Tae Il Lim

12:10 – 1:30pm




1:30 – 3:10pm (1)


Continuous space location Models (4)

Chair: Tammy Drezner



A continuous analysis framework for the solution of location-allocation problems with dense demand

Alper Murat, Vedat Verter, & Gilbert Laporte



Designing Connected Territories for a Beverage Distribution Firm with a Location-Allocation Scheme

J. Ángel Segura-Ramiro, Roger Z. Ríos-Mercado, Ada M. Álvarez-Socarrás, & Karim de Alba Romenus



Multi-Facility Weber Problems with Facility Clusters

Kathrin Klamroth & Martin Bischoff



The Capacitated p-Center Problem with Multiple Allocation

Maria Albareda-Sambola, Juan A. Díaz, & Elena Fernández

1:30 – 3:10pm (2)


Planar Location Problems (4) 

Chair: Juan Mesa



Analysis of Facility Location Using Order Rectilinear Distance in Regular Point Patterns

Masashi Miyagawa



Line Location And Robust Regression

Mark Körner & Anita Schöbel



On the location of circles with type k-centrum criteria

Antonio J. Lozano, Juan A. Mesa, & Frank Plastria



Locating a minisum circle in the plane

Jack Brimberg, Henrik Juel, & Anita Schöbel

3:10 – 3:30pm


Coffee break


3:30 – 5:10pm (1)


Network design (4)

Chair: António Antunes



A model for urban hierarchy and transportation network planning

João Bigotte, António Antunes, Oded Berman, & Dmitry Krass



Dynamic School Network Planning in Urban Areas

Knut Haase & Sven Mueller



Crossdocking network design with load balancing and operational considerations

Nayoung Cho & Leyla Ozsen



The Connection Location-Allocation Problem

Martin Bischoff

3:30 – 5:10pm (2)


Equity, districting and preferences (4)

Chair: Tim Matisziw



Equity in Semi-obnoxious Facility Location Models

Maria Conceição Fonseca & Maria Eugénia Captivo



Districting and Location in the Courts: The Making of the New Judiciary Map of Portugal

António Antunes, João Teixeira, João Bigotte, & Hugo Repolho



Location with preferences

Sergio García & Alfredo Marín



The reliable maximin-maxisum location problem on a tree

Jose Santivanez & Emanuel Melachrinoudis

5:30 – 6:30pm


Reception at the UCSB Faculty Club


6:30 – 8:00pm


Dinner at the UCSB Faculty Club




Saturday, June 28th

8:30 - 10:10am


Location and scheduling (4) 

Chair: Mark Daskin



An agent based approach for modeling location problems

Giuseppe Bruno & Andrea Genovese



An exact algorithm for the Capacity and Distance Constrained Plant Location Problem: Valid inequalities and separation problems.

Maria Albareda-Sambola, Elena Fernández, & Gilbert Laporte



Simultaneous Scheduling and Location (ScheLoc)

Horst W. Hamacher & Marcel T. Kalsch



Dynamic Location Problems with Discrete Expansion and Reduction Sizes of Available Capacities: model and algorithms

Joana Dias, Maria Eugénia Captivo, & João Clímaco

10:10 – 10:30am


Coffee break


10:30 - 12:10pm


Competitive location (4)

Chair: Tim Lowe



Flexible Discrete Facility Location: A Generalized Model and Associated Solution Approaches

Alfredo Marín, Stefan Nickel, & Sebastian Velten



A Portfolio Approach to MNE Location Choices

Lilach Nachum & Sangyoung Song



A new discrete competitive multi-store location model

Knut Haase



Revenue-Optimizing Location Model with Equilibrium-driven Demand and Congestion

Oded Berman, Dmitry Krass, & Dehui Tong

12:10 – 1:30pm





1:30 – 3:10pm (1)


New Model Formulations (4)

Chair: Horst Hamacher




Network Location: A Survey of Models, Theory, and Methods

Barbaros Ç. Tansel & Damla S. Ahipaşaoğlu




Multiobjective Source Location Problem

Dwi Retnani Poetranto Gross & Horst W. Hamacher




Discretized reformulations for capacitated location problems with modular distribution costs

Isabel Correia, Luís Gouveia, & Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama




Different formulations for ordered median hub location problems

J. Puerto, A.B. Ramos, & A.M. Rodriguez-Chía


1:30 – 3:10pm (2)



Transportation oriented location problems (4)

Chair: Roberto Galvao




Location Models for Motorway Interchanges

Hugo Repolho, António Antunes, & Richard L. Church




Assessing the robustness in topological configurations of rapid transit systems

Miguel A. Pozo, Antonio J. Lozano, Juan A. Mesa, & Francisco A. Ortega




Locating Sensors on a Traffic Network:  an Overview

Monica Gentili & Pitu B. Mirchandani




Mathematical models for reverse  logistics: An algorithm for a two-level problem

Leonardo R. da Costa & Roberto Diéguez Galvão


3:10 – 3:30pm


Coffee break



3:30 – 5:10pm


Disperson, barriers and regret (3)

Chair: Leonardo R. da Costa




The Maximal Dispersion Territory Design Problem

Elena Fernández, Jörg Kalcsics, Stefan Nickel, & Roger Rios




Optimal Placement of a Facility In Presence of a Probabilistic Barrier

Mustafa S. Canbolat & George O. Wesolowsky




Minimax Regret Path Location on Trees

Justo Puerto, Federica Ricca, & Andrea Scozzari



Monday, June 30th

8:30 - 10:10am


Covering Models (4)

Chair: Vladimir Marianov



Coverage Optimization for Deploying an Emergency Wireless Network


Daoqin Tong & Sandy Dall’erba




The minimal cost/maximal covering p-forest problem

John Current & Richard L. Church



Market Coverage and Service Quality in Digital Subscriber Lines Infrastructure Planning

Tony H. Grubesic, Timothy C. Matisziw & Alan T. Murray



The Location Set Covering Problem with Service Quality: User Choice of Facility

Vladimir Marianov & H.A. Eiselt

10:10 - 10:30am


Coffee break


10:30 - 12:10pm


Location Modeling &GIS (4)

Chair: Tony Grubesic



Location Modeling and GIS

Alan T. Murray & Richard L. Church



A Location-Routing Model and a GIS Framework for a Competitive Multi-Facility Location Problems

Burçin Bozkaya, Seda Yanık, & Billur Engin



Transportation for Seniors; Planning a Senior Shuttle Service with GIS

Nigel Waters & Muhammad Tubbsum



Location Planning using Geographic and Demographic Data

Bernhard van Bonn, Konstantin Horstmann, Stefan Nickel & Hans-Peter Ziegler

12:10 - 1:30pm





1:30 – 3:10pm


Hub Location (4)

Chair: Tanja Meyer




Rectilinear minimax hub location  problems

Morton E. O'Kelly




Solving the Capacitated Hub Location Problem with Single Assignment with Branch-and-Price

Iván Contreras, Elena Fernández, & Juan A. Dí­az




A 2-phase algorithm for solving p-hub location problems

Andreas T. Ernst, Mohan Krishnamoorthy,  & Tanja Meyer




Release Time Scheduling in Hub Location Problems

Bahar Y. Kara, Oya E. Karasan, & Hande Yaman


3:10 – 3:30pm


Coffee break








3:30 – 5:10pm



Emergency response, restoration, and protection (4)

 Chair: Alan T. Murray





Prioritizing Network Service Restoration

Timothy C. Matisziw, Alan T. Murray, & Tony H. Grubesic




A multi-level modeling approach for the capacitated p-median interdiction problem with fortification

M. Paola Scaparra & Richard L. Church




Models and Algorithms for location and relocation of ambulances

Roberto Cordone, Federico Ficarelli, & Giovanni Righini




The Historical Allocation and Location (HAL) Model for EMS Location

Paul Sorensen & Richard L. Church




Tuesday, July 1

8:30 – 10:10am


New models & Algorithms (4)

Chair: Oded Berman



A Two-Phase Multicriteria DSS   Dedicated to Location Problems

João Clímaco, Maria Eugénia Captivo, Sérgio Fernandes, & Inês Vital



Constructing a DC Decomposition for the Ordered Median Problem

Zvi Drezner & Stefan Nickel



Improved Algorithms for Covering a Family of Paths

A. Tamir



Location of a Facility which Sells Goods

Carlton H. Scott & Zvi Drezner

10:10 - 10:30am


Coffee break






10:30 - 12:10pm


Hub Location (5)

Chair: James Campbell



The Stochastic p-Hub Center Problem with Service-Level Constraints

Thaddeus Sim, Timothy Lowe, & Barrett Thomas



The design of incomplete hub networks

Sibel Alumur, Bahar Y. Kara, & Oya E. Karasan



The tree-of-hubs location problem: A comparison of formulations

Iván Contreras, Elena Fernández, & Alfredo Marí­n



Single hub location of air cargo using the generalized Weber model

Daisuke Watanabe, Takahiro Majima, Keiki Takadama, & Mitujiro Katuhara




Hub Location for Time Definite Transportation

James F. Campbell


12:10 – 1:30pm





1:30 – 3:10pm


The Environment (4)

Chair: Michael Kuby




A discussion of some location problems global warming can cause

Richard L. Francis




A Pipeline Network Design Model for Geologic Carbon Sequestration and Carbon Credit Pricing

Richard Middleton, Michael Kuby, & Jeffrey Bielicki





Comparison of Different Methods for the Optimal Location of Pumping Wells in an Aquifer

Maria C. Cunha & António Antunes





What foreclosed homes should a municipality purchase to stabilize vulnerable neighborhoods

Michael P. Johnson & David Turcotte


3:10 – 3:30pm


Coffee break








3:30 – 5:10pm


Stochastic (2)

Chair: Stefan Nickel




Voronoi Approaches to Location  Problems Related to Wireless Sensors

Atsuo Suzuki, Takehiro Furuta, Mihiro Sasaki, Fumio Ishizaki, & Hajime Miyazawa




Stochastic Location-Assignment on an Interval with Sequential Arrivals

Kannan Viswanath & James Ward




Discussion & Selection of the site for ISOLDE-XII



6:30pm -                x


Dinner at the Rotunda of the Doubletree Hotel